Thursday, September 27

Celtic Classic is here!

Ach weel, ma friends doon at Celtic Classic ha been settin’ up fer this weekends festivities fer many a week, an I must say they look ready fer company!

Tha’ weather’s cooperatin’ and tha’ entire weekend is lookin’ ta be just gorgeous, wi’ sunny skies, a light breeze, an’ no rain; so tha’ folks at Celtic Classic are expectin’ quite a number o’ people fer their 20th Anniversary!

Many a thing has been improved or jus’ downright spiffed up fer this weekend’s celebration o’ Celtic culture and heritage which is a’ course presented upon Historic Bethlehem’s festival grounds, right along tha banks of Monocacy creek.

My Grannie Grisel ha’s purchased a bran’ new tartan scarf an’ kirtle ta’ impress tha’ bonnie lads in tha’ Highland Athletic competition’; she’s plannin’ on waving ta’ Harrison from tha’ grandstands. I meself an’ hopin’ that tha’ lads doon mistake her fer a wee red target…ach, weel, I’m sure tha’ lads know what their’a dooin.

I meself am lookin’ forward tae tha Haggis Eating competition on Friday afternoon a’ 5:15 PM on tha’ Highland Field, which ma sources tell me has reached its capacity in terms o’ registration, w’ a few o’ tha previous year’s champions returnin’ tae defend their titles! It should be a gory and disgustin’ competition, w’ twenty-six o’ tha’ elusive Haggis buggers being hunted doon’ an’ cooked for our valiant competitor’s! A competition fer the record books, an’ tha’s fer sure!

So, as fer some finer details concernin’ some of tha’ more popular aspects of tha’ festival:
-Tha’ “Showing of tha’ Tartan Parade” kicks off a’ 11:30 AM on Saturday mornin’. Tha’ parade is set ta begin a’ New St and Church St, and than proceed New St. ta’ Broad St., a left on Broad ta’ Main St. an’ then a left on Main right doon ta tha’ Highland Field.

-Tha’on-line registration fer tha’ Celtic Classic 5K race is over, but those still lookin’ ta enter can register at tha’ Start line on Saturday mornin’. Registration begins a’ 7 AM.

-Anyone wishin’ ta’ volunteer (always a fun time!) can sign up online through this link:
Or take yer’self over ta’ the Spring St. information booth, an’ they will help ya.

-Tha’ Celtic Quest program ha’ been expanded an’ improved upon! All of tha’ booths will now be located in the “Ring of Celtic Heritage” near the Heritage stage. Families an’ tha young at heart can learn aboot the seven Celtic nations while craftin’ an’ participating in some excitin’ activities.

-20th Anniversary pins are available fer sale at tha’ Souvenir tent! Along with “glow in tha’ dark” beer mugs an’ other collectible items!

See you there!