Wednesday, March 7

Best Men's Legs in a Kilt Contest!

Hosted by me guid friends of Donegal Square a "Best Men's Legs in a Kilt Contest" will be occurrin' on Saturday, March 17th at 2PM, outside of their shop located on the corner of Main and Walnut St's in the fair town of Bethlehem, PA 18018.

Ye'll need to register by goin' inta Donegal Square or by registerin' through e-mail: Include yer name, address, an phone number. Unfortunately, this contest is open ta' the lads only, sorry lassies.

Ye must be wearin' a kilt (at least) when competin' and register before noon on March 17th- or if'n ye be doin' it through the e-mail, by 9PM on March 15th. Prizes te be given for the first three best legs.

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