Saturday, July 21

One Scot, please!

Hello Angus,

I am interested in meeting a handsome Scot. Where is the best place to meet them? Is there a Scottish/Celtic gathering place anywhere in Eastern PA where these rare creatures congregate?


Dear Swooner,
Weel, I must say I’ve no ever tried to meet handsome Scotsmen meself, but I imagine ye’ll do well by frequenting events an’ establishments havin’ ta do wi’ Scotland. So, that’s tha Pipe Band competitions (generally featuring a large congregation of the so called creatures), tha Highland Games (verra large Scotsmen ta be found at these), Celtic festivals (for the musician types), and o’course tha local pub/brewery establishment which features football (Soccer) and other fine Celtic sports on the telly, where all types of tha rare-breed can be found.

Ye can find out where the Pipe Bands will be competing next by visitin’, or tha Eastern United States Pipe Band Association’s website. They list in their events page all of tha Pipe Band related events happening in the Eastern United States. Ta find the lads competin’ in the Highland Games, visit tha North American Scottish Games Athletics site: On tha site is a message board, where ye can introduce yerself to tha lads along with tha locations of where they’ll be competin’ next. As for Celtic festivals, ye canna go wrong by comin’ to tha Celtic Classic, the largest Highland Games and Festival in North America, what wi’ all tha attractions for Scotsmen (Pipe Bands, Highland Games, and beer) in one place, yer bound to run into many o’ the creatures.

I’d make an offer ta take ye out meself, on a guid day I’ve been told I’m quite handsome…but I’m thinkin’ me lady friend would have some strong objections. Ah, weel.

Guid luck ta ye!

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