Tuesday, February 9

Nic Gareiss- Irish Sean Nos Dance and American Flat-Footing

From Nic Gareiss's Myspace page: A native of the state of Michigan, Nic Gareiss' dancing incorporates footwork vocabulary from many step dance styles to rhythmically accompany traditional music. Nic has studied a broad variety of percussive movement forms, from Irish sean-nós dance, to American flat-footing, to Quebecois gigue. From this wide berth of traditional dance experience, Nic has gleaned figurations, motives and shoe sounds from percussive dance traditions worldwide. When performing with a live musician, Nic engages and reawakens a musical dialogue between feet and instrument. By utilizing imitation, ornaments and contrasting rhythmic patterns, Gareiss really is creating music on the floor.

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