Thursday, September 24

Capture the Flags! For a chance to win 2 Tickets to see Solas at Sellersville Theatre!

By now I hope that all of you are familiar with the 7 Celtic Nations, and their flags...
because now the Hunt is on!

Starting on Saturday (9/26) there will be hidden throughout the festival, 8.5"x 11" sized flags of the seven Celtic Nations (see example image, though obviously the colors are completely wrong...). Find all seven flags, and send us a message telling us the name of the nation and where each flag is hidden. Hint: Check out the craft and food vendors and our community sponsor booths..

There will be three prize drawings throughout Saturday. Once you capture all seven flags and contact us, you will be added to the prize pool and remain in the pool for the rest of the day. Winners will be taken out of the pool.

Drawing times and prizes are:
Noon: Anything out of the souvenir tent $25 and under.

3 pm: Kilt and Sporran Mug (see picture in wall photo album).


To enter: Email or Direct message us on Twitter with your full name, phone number and answers. We need your contact information in order to contact you if you are a winner.
Email: (please use "Flags" as a subject line)

If you need a refresher on the 7 Celtic Nations, visit the Celtic Quest area, near the Icehouse...
Good luck!

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