Wednesday, September 23

Outrageous Tartan Sunday!!!

As a nod to our gaudy ancient Celt ancestors, the last day of Celtic Classic is being declared as Outrageous Tartan Sunday!

Show your Celtic spirit by mixing your tartan and stripes in the craziest combinations in outrageous quantities and get spotted and photographed by one of our roving camera volunteers for Facebook.

Those with the best turnout will be rewarded with Celtic Dollars to use on their next shopping trip.

Celtic Dollars will be good for discounts at these participating merchants:

Aardvark Sports Shop
Braveheart Highland Pub
Chateau Bow Wow
Cleo's Gallery
Donegal Square
Girlfriend's Boutique
Heavenly Hedgehog
Jack Callaghan's Ale House
McCarthy's Tea Room & Restaurant
Moravian Bookshop
Spa Soleil
Tally-Ho Tavern
Wired Coffee Shop

Celtic Dollars are worth $1 each on a purchase of $5 or more up to a max of $5 per location - the equivalent of 20 percent off - valid for 1 year.

Ancient Celt Textiles:
Ok, now...
When you watch a Hollywood film about medieval or pre-modern Europe, chances are the people are clothed in drab
clothes, crudely woven and sewn.

Actually, textiles in ancient times were fairly advanced.

It doesn't make any sense that a culture with the fine
metalworking techniques seen in torcs and other surviving artifacts would be running around in rags and tatters, yet this
is the common perception of what people wore.
Weaving is a very basic technology and was quite advanced as early as 5,000 BCE, and brightly colored dyes were
readily available. If we met our Celtic ancestors, they would probably look as gaudy to us as they did to the Romans,
since they were very fond of bright colors and ornamentation.

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