Friday, September 18


We are now exactly one week away from Celtic Classic!!

This time next Friday the pipes will be playing, stages will come alive with some of the best Celtic bands around,the Highland Field will be showcasing Hurley, one of the fastest sports in the world, tables will be set up for the great Haggis Eating competition, and and the great, wonderful, crazy group of people who have spent hundreds of hours preparing for next weekend will hopefully be rewarded by the sight of thousands of people showing up at the festival they have been dedicating a large portion of their lives to these past months.

With that comes a realization. That no matter how many hours we have been putting into planning and setting up Celtic Classic, it's still going to come down to who shows up to make it a success, and keep it going for 2010.

With that in mind, we would like to ask our fans for help. Please reach out to your network of people during the coming week and let them know that Celtic Classic is happening and invite them to come to the festival. send them to this fan page or to our website. Usually events ask that you turn off your cell phones and cameras, this year we hope that you keep them on. Take photos, tweet, upload clips and update your facebook status all with the keywords of Celtic Classic or Celtic Fest. Share with us your experiences so we can keep motivated and make the festival even better in the years to come.

Spread the word, Celtic Classic is in one more week!

We'll see you there :)

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